Traditions & Roles

Romanian weddings are steeped in tradition, with various family members having different "roles" in the wedding celebrations.

A key couple at Romanian weddings are the godparents - not your "birth" godparents but a couple specially chosen to be you wedding godparents. Often, the godparents make many of the key decisions about the wedding including the menu for the reception, outfits, church etc. We have relegated our godparents to just their "candle holding" role in church. Many Romanian weddings are more business exercises, and Godparents are often chosen according to how many of their own guests they can bring to the wedding. Remember, each guest gives only money as a gift...get the picture?

Mother of the groom
The next important person is the grooms mother, going on the fact the groom is more important than the bride in Romanian weddings! Before leaving the house for the service, the groom has as special verse to "apologise" for all the bad things that he may have done as a child (getting married is seen as finally breaking away from your parents, so a good time clear the air apparently!)