Unlike many of the weddings you may have attended in the past, you wont need to wade through wedding lists or trek round stores looking for "that perfect present"

Its traditional at Romanian weddings to present the Bride & Groom with money. Pure hard cash. Simple eh? Not quite...

During the reception night, one of the family will go round every guest and ask them how much they are giving as a gift. This will get announced to the entire wedding party. Depending on whether they think this is sufficient, you will be greeted with cheers and applause, or cries to give more!

Whilst this may appear somewhat daunting, its all in good spirits and afterall..someone has to give the least...(just hope its not you...!)

You might choose to "play the crowd" by making your initial gift small, but then increase it to much applause from all the guests!

For those who really don't want to participate, it's acceptable to give your gift in a sealed envelope.

For those short of cash, a short term loan can be arranged which you can "repay" on the night, or you may wish to put your gift on credit card by paying by Paypal

and we will provide you the same amount in cash to give on the night