Frequently asked questions

Whats the voltage?
Romania uses the same voltage as most of Europe - 220-230v so UK appliances, phone chargers etc will work fine with a standard two-round-pin European adaptor plug

Can I drink the water?
Although the tap water is perfectly drinkable, we advise sticking to bottled water due to differences in additives and minerals to avoid any possible "complications"!

Will my mobile work?
Romania has good mobile coverage and roaming agreements with all the major UK operators. You will get a signal virtually everywhere apart from some of the more remote villages. As with any international roaming, calls made to and from your mobile whilst abroad can be very costly!

What is the food like?
Allot of Romanian food is meat based, although vegetarian options of most dishes can be arranged. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know when you confirm your attendance. Some examples of Romanian dishes can be found here. We will be publishing a full menu nearer the time

What currency should I bring?
As you cannot obtain Lei outside of Romania, you can bring currency in Euros, pounds or dollars - all of which can be exchanged in Iasi if you require some spending money. For the presentation of gifts ceremony, we will accept anything, but theres no reason to bring your gift in currency - will we accept a cheque. See the currency page for more details

I am short of cash-what can I give as a gift?
Dont worry - we can either provide you with a short-term loan that you can "repay" at the gift giving ceremony or you can give via a credit card by paying by Paypal, and we will provide you with the equivalent in cash for the ceremony. Use this link

Do I need to learn Romanian?
There will be an English translator present at the service (a legal requirement so Neil doesn't agree to anything untoward!) so you will understand what's being said. Whilst Ina speaks near perfect English, we will have a translator for everyones use at the reception to aid communication between the two families and so Ina doesn't spent the whole night translating for everyone! It would be helpful if you knew a little basic Romanian - see the language page for a downloadable course.

Should I have travel insurance?
We recommend having travel insurance to cover any unforeseen medical or cancellation expenses. There are links to a couple of cheap suppliers on our links page. Remember that many credit cards now offer travel insurance as part of their "package" of features.