Romanian is a Latin based language which is a continuation of the Latin spoken in ancient times in Dacia and Moesia - the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire.

It uses a 31-letter Latin alphabet - the extra 5 letters coming from some extra vowels that we dont use in English

Ethnic minorities (Hungarian and German) use their own languages in school and civil administration.

Literacy rate in Romania is 98% and their education system highly respected

Most Romanians living in towns and cities are able to communicate in English, French or German. In smaller villages only younger people and children speak one or more foreign languages.

Essential words

Hello Buna Boon-a
How are you? Ce faci? Che-Fash?
OK Bine Been-eh
Yes Da Da
No Nu Noo
Thankyou Merci Same as the French!
Wedding Nunta Nun-ta

For those guests wishing to learn a little more Romanian to help communicate with their new in-laws, here is a usefull language course (247k PDF). Its over 200 pages as it contains a fair number of "test sheets" so printed copies are available on request. We will also have a translator present for the duration of the service and reception to aid communication between the families!